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This portfolio makes the case for my effectiveness as a teacher, scholar, and colleague at Medaille College. It is a selective and purposeful record of my three decades of learning, growth, and change as supported by evidence: written documents and images. It provides accountability to the College community. Because it is publicly available online, it provides transparency to the wider community.

The curious public

It answers the questions that the public can rightfully ask if I claim that the special features of higher education and its professoriate — academic freedom, tenure, shared governance — produce a scholarly career that is worth supporting and worth exposing young people to.

  • What have I done in my career?
  • What have I done recently?
  • What do I do all day?

The faculty handbook requires a Periodic Professional Review every five years. For my first, in 2008, I was in the Business Department and was heading off to the Netherlands for a sabbatical. For my second, in 2013, I was back in the Humanities Department and I had found a scholarly project that I had no inkling of five years earlier.

While this portfolio covers my whole career at Medaille since 1985, it has much more evidence for the years since I went paperless fifteen years ago. The scholarship of discovery section, especially, emphasizes the last eight years.

My scholarly life has been public since the late 1990’s. Since 1998, all of my scholarly writing, my course materials, and texts, many student projects, and much of my administrative work — in other words, the evidence to support this portfolio — have been publicly available at and As of 2006, the Faculty Handbook requires faculty portfolios and allows them to be made publicly available on the Web, an opportunity that I eagerly embrace.

The menus on the left are organized as prescribed by the Faculty Handbook, noting that some items could fit into more than one section. The banners on the top of every page are details from a dozen oil paintings by Adriaen van Ostade, the Dutch genre painter who lived from 1610 to 1685.

In a portfolio of bound paper, the supporting documents are often in separate clear plastic sleeves. For this online portfolio, those documents are images or scans embedded in the page that discusses them. Some are links to documents I wrote or to web sites I maintain.

This portfolio is offered in fulfillment
of the requirement in the handbooks of
Medaille College, Buffalo, NY,
Volume IV: Faculty Handbook (.pdf),
section Faculty Portfolio
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Creative Commons License.

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